Drilling Spools & Adapters, Loose Connections, Clamps



Casing & Tubing Heads, Tees & Crosses ,Adapter & Spacing Spools, Threaded Connections, Casing & Tubing Hangers, Ring Joing Gaskets,Top Connectors, Crossover Connectors,Tubing Head Adapters,Other End Connections,Flanged Connections



Casing, Tubing , Part manufacturing according to customer requirement

About US

Wellgear Oil Tools is a leading manufacturer specializing in a comprehensive range of top-tier products, including Hammer Unions, Adapters & Crossovers, API Flanges, Tees, Swivel Joints, Pup Joints, and more. Our remarkable growth and reputation stem from a commitment to delivering premium-quality goods at competitive rates, ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.

Performance Driven

Pursue Zero Accidents and Zero Defects

Embrace safety and quality excellence. Achieve zero accidents and defects with our solutions. Act now for a safer tomorrow!

Design and Provide Solutions with Differentiated Technology

Revolutionize your tech landscape with our differentiated solutions. Elevate your business today! Explore now.

Grow Client Participation through “Value-Added” Relationships

Transform client relationships with value-added solutions. Enhance participation and growth. Start building stronger connections today!

Improve Manufacturing Throughout and Reduce the Cost to Manufacture

Optimize manufacturing processes, cut costs, and enhance efficiency. Revolutionize your production today! Explore now for savings.

Know About Our Quality Product & Policy

At wellgear Oil tools we consistently bank on policy of “What starts perfect ends perfect” and this has been deeply embedded in our working procedures and processes. The establishing of manufacturing and management practices in adherence to the global macro trends and norms on Quality assurance /Quality Control has been a great achievement for us.

The process of assuring and controlling quality starts at the initial stage of raw material selection and procurement which is both objective and selective and is in synchronization with our business policy. Testing and analysing various aspects of the material being used in the manufacturing is deemed critical to ensure production of right quality and we make it sure that each process is carried out as per the requirements of quality control norms.

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We are superior to the competition because we hire employees who work in an environment of belonging and purpose. We foster a climate where the employee can deliver what the customer wants.

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    Our Products

    Adapter Crossover

    Hammer Unions

    Swivel Joints

    Spool Drilling Adapter Apacer

    Integral Fittings – Elbows, Tees, Wyes

    Steel Hose Assemblies

    Pup Joints

    Flanges, Tees and Crossover

    Plug valves

    Casing & Tubing

    Hammer Seal Unions

    Choke & Kill and Cement & Stand Pipe Manifolds

    Drill Pipe